Every Day

From Mom Season 3, Episode 18 – Beast Mode and Old People Kissing:

Adam: Where you going?

Bonnie: We’ve got a meeting.

Adam: You just had a meeting last night.

Bonnie: I know, but then I woke up today and I was still an alcoholic.

I recently started watching Mom, a comedy on CBS that follows the story of Bonnie and her daughter Christy, both recovering alcoholics and drug addicts. The show manages to find humor in a very serious subject, and is made even better by having Allison Janney (who I love from The West Wing) as Bonnie.

In the exchange above, Bonnie’s new boyfriend Adam doesn’t understand why she has to go to a meeting every day. I like Bonnie’s response: that she is still an alcoholic.

It is really easy for me to think that I’m doing ok, that I don’t really need to keep pushing myself this hard with the meal plan. I ate 100% yesterday, so I’m good, right? I can just “eat normally”, which in my mind means not making eating a priority.

This quote is a good reminder that when you are in recovery, you have to be diligent about it every day. I do hope to get to a point where I don’t have to be as diligent, but for right now I need to keep remembering that every day I wake up, I am still someone with an eating disorder.