Trump and TV

This is not related to eating disorders in anyway, but it is related to television and something I found quite interesting:

Now That Trump Is President, How Will TV Respond?

The article points out a number of ways that TV could be affected by the election of Trump (I’m sorry, I refuse to call him President Trump). First, networks might be afraid to lose audience members who voted for Trump, which might make them less likely to greenlight projects that are seen as more creative or creative risks. Broadcasters might be less willing to air shows featuring LGBTQ characters, although on the flip side creators might be more inspired to create shows with these characters as protagonists.

The article also mentions how existing shows will deal with the election. For example, Jane the Virgin will feature episodes that deal with immigration and the potential repeal of the ACA. The article doesn’t mention medical dramas, but I would be interested to see if medical dramas will bring up the ACA issue at all, as a few years ago when it was passed Grey’s Anatomy had a plot line about a young girl who had waited for months to have surgery for a tumor until she could get health insurance under the law.

The article also mentions perhaps TV shows will try to steer clear of politics and focus on their primary mission: entertainment.

What do you think? How will TV be different with Donald Trump as President?


3 thoughts on “Trump and TV

  1. If Trump lasts in the job long enough, there will be more shows that satirize and/or ridicule him, that’s how. A current one (from Italy, being shown on HBO) called The Young Pope has already gone there. The new Pope is expected by all to be an agent of change, but he’s a constant mental manipulator who fosters change through chaos. The change he wants to bring is going back to the Vatican’s greatness – the days of autocratic rule, the Inquisition. Sound familiar?

    • I agree that more shows that satirize or ridicule him could be in our future. I also think it will take at least a couple of months to see any big changes, as scripted shows are written weeks and sometimes months in advance. However, that new show does sound all too familiar..It’s definitely going to be an interesting awards season this year too with acceptance speeches and what not.

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