Start a New Game

Code Black Season 2, Episode 2: Life and Limb

Col. Ethan Willis: “You don’t like to give up do you you…you never quit, and you never lost a game… It’s time to start a new game. It’s going to be tougher than the one you’ve been playing, but if you work hard enough you’ll learn to be just as good at it, you’ll still be a hero.”

Col. Willis says the above quote to a patient who is an athlete and about to have his lower leg amputated due to an accident. However, I can relate it to my own recovery journey.

Recently in treatment my providers have been making parallels between eating disorder recovery and my time as a gymnast. I have been having a hard time staying motivated, and my therapist asked me what I did in gymnastics when I struggled to get a trick. She had a good point – I very rarely gave up on getting a trick no matter how long it took. She said that I need to think of recovery the same way – in other words, don’t give up no matter how hard it is and how long it takes.

Thus, Col. Willis’ quote really resonated with me. As tough as gymnastics was, recovery has proven to be even tougher. However, maybe if I just keep working at it, I will be able to be just as good at it (not that I was amazing at gymnastics, but hopefully you understand).





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