Feelings Are Not Facts

I try to stay away from political issues on this blog, but this was just too good to pass up. This past week on Last Week Tonight John Oliver pointed out some flaws in the Republican Party’s logic that really touched on something I’ve been working on recently.

My therapist pointed out that, for whatever reason, I tend to take eating disorder feelings as facts. I think “I feel like I’m gaining weight, so I must be gaining weight” or “I feel like I don’t need this many exchanges at this meal/snack, so I must not need them.”

This past week, John Oliver played a clip of Newt Gingrich doing the exact same thing during an interview with CNN! The interviewer tried to point out that statistically speaking (according to FBI statistics), Americans are safer than they were 8 years ago. Mr. Gingrich countered with the “fact” that Americans don’t feel safer. John Oliver points out that feelings don’t equal facts. If they did, then that would basically mean that candidates can create facts because they can create feelings.

Anyway, while watching this interview and thinking “Newt is being ridiculous” I realized that I do the same thing with the eating disorder. Furthermore, it made me think that the eating disorder is like Donald Trump – it’s a big bully trying to scare me. It tries to convince me that I will be safe with it by playing to my biggest fears, but there are no concrete ideas or facts behind the words. That realization makes me want to fight harder. I won’t let Donald Trump scare me with his words, so I need to do the same with the eating disorder!

Here is the clip. The part I’m talking about starts around minute 6:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zNdkrtfZP8I



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