Asking for Help

From ER Season 9, Episode 11 “A Little Help From My Friends:”

Carter: Look, self-sufficiency’s a good thing, but it’s not the only thing. Asking for help when you need it doesn’t make you weak.

I could write a blog post just based on the title of the episode alone. I have the best friends, but I am not always the best at asking them for help. I keep trying to remind myself that since I feel good when I am able to help out my friends, they probably feel the same way. Thus, I should not shy away from asking for help.

Along those lines, Carter’s quote is pretty self-explanatory, so I’m not going to write too much about it. But, I do think it is worth emphasizing the latter part – that asking for help when you need it doesn’t make you weak. I think we live in a culture that really emphasizes self-sufficiency. As Carter says though, that is not the only thing.

Personally, I think it is actually a sign of strength to ask for help. It is far more scary to open up to someone and admit that you are struggling than remain under the illusion that everything is fine. Now, I just need to get my brain to remember that the next time I need to ask for help!


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