Don’t Go It Alone

I was watching The Good Wife Season 3 the other night, and this scene from the episode “Parenting Made Easy” reminded me of what I wrote on my recent post on Support Systems:

Diane: Eli, do you notice all the lawyers out there rushing around. Do you ever wonder why they’re so busy?

Eli: ‘Cause they got gumption?

Diane: Because they’re not trying to go it alone. You put too much pressure on yourself to bring in your own client base…I know you’re used to going it alone Eli, that’s why you’re in here, alone. Make friends, be nice to people. Don’t try to do it all yourself.

We are often taught to value independence, and I know that it is certainly something I value.  But the truth is, to be successful at recovery, work, parenting…at life basically, you need the help of others. Asking for help and working with others, as opposed to trying to do everything by yourself, is not a weakness – it’s a sign of strength. I need to keep reminding myself of that.


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