Being Human

“It might be hard for a surgeon to admit, but there’s no shame in simply being human. It can be a relief to stop hiding, to accept who you really are. A little self awareness never hurt anyone. Because when you know who you are, it’s easier to know what you’re about, what you really need.” ~ Grey’s Anatomy

Continuing with the Grey’s Anatomy marathon, I think there is a lot of truth behind this quote, and I think it also relates to the process of recovery.  I know that for me, it is very hard to admit if I need help, or to admit if I am struggling.  Sometimes I get into denial, and could use some self-awareness.  Other times I am fully aware that I need something, but I am ashamed of struggling, and so I hide it.  I think if I was better able to accept that I have a problem that requires help (and not just from professionals, but support from family, friends etc), I would be more willing to ask for help.

In addition to relating to the “hiding” part of this quote, I also think the last sentence speaks volumes.  It is easy to get lost in an eating disorder/depression/anxiety/whatever, and lose who you really are to the illness.  Part of the recovery process is finding out who YOU really are, and separating that from the disorder.


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