Perfect or Sick?

I was watching House reruns the other night, and the following quote caught my eye:

House: You’re either perfect or you’re sick. In my experience, “sick” is much more common.

Awhile back Greythinking blogged very insightfully about this quote.  I think what she said is really interesting, and definitely very true.

The quote also made me think about my recent troubles with Facebook.  I am really struggling with the comparison game when it comes to Facebook.  Everytime I log on, I see another person who is engaged, getting married or having a baby, and it makes me feel rather bad about myself.  But I need to remember that very few people, if any, have the perfect life. I am not saying that people who make their lives look perfect on Facebook are sick, just that this quote is a friendly reminder that perfect usually does not exist.

It is possible to create the illusion of the perfect life on Facebook, but that is really only half the story.  Take my Facebook for example.  I have exactly zero posts about treatment, the eating disorder, or depression.  If you go off of my Facebook, my life looks pretty good even when I am way down in the dumps.


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