Mindfulness 101

Yesterday the New York Times had an interesting article about how the concept of mindfulness, which is the key tenet of DBT, is the hot new trend.

Here is the article: Mindfulness: Getting Its Share of Attention.

The best part is that they mention both Thich Nhat Hanh, the Buddhist leader that collaborated with Marsha Linehan to create DBT, and The Big Bang Theory, one of my favorite TV shows, in the same paragraph 🙂
Just now, Sheldon (my kitten ironically named for The Big Bang Theory character) jumped up on my lap to cuddle for a bit, and at first I was thinking “ok, when he moves I need to email X person, then I have to come up with practice problems for this student, then I need to email my dad, then I need to vacuum etc.”  Then I was like “wait!  This whole article is about mindfulness, and rather than enjoying having a cuddly kitty on my lap, I am thinking about other things!”  So I practiced some mindfulness and just focused on observing and describing all the little adorable things about Sheldon!

Just an interesting “ah ha” moment, and also goes to show how pets are great therapy tools 🙂


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