Good Article in the NYT

Fat and Thin Find Common Ground


“Binge eating disorder could bridge the gap between the obesity and eating disorder communities, while also reducing the stereotype that only thin people suffer from eating disorders.”

I think that this blog article is really well written and brings up some very good points.  As someone who has struggled with restricting, binging and purging at different points in my eating disorder I think it can be really beneficial to have groups with people who struggle with a variety of symptoms.  At the same time, it can be awkward if you are complaining about being on a weight gain meal plan when others are feeling awkward because they don’t have to gain weight, and vice versa (it’s awkward to talk about struggling to meet your maintenance plan when you know others are having to eat way more on weight gain plans).  Anyway, read the article!  It’s good and it is also in the New York Times so hopefully it will help the public better understand that eating disorders are not just about food and weight!


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