Parks and Recreation

I started watching Parks and Recreation recently, mostly because I love Rob Lowe and have heard he is hilarious on that show.  So far, I absolutely love it.  At the end of season 4, Rob Lowe’s character Chris is talking about how it has been a rough year for him because of a break up.  He offers to bike ride to get something, and says “If I keep my body moving, and my mind occupied at all times, I will avoid falling into a bottomless pit of despair.”

Sounds like someone with an eating disorder!

Later on he says “If I’m alone with my thoughts I go to a dark place.”

Well, from personal experience I could tell him (if he were a real person that is), that you can only distract for so long before you just crash.  Being alone with depressing thoughts is dark and definitely not fun, but until you go there, there is no way to move on from them.

One more fun Chris quote:

“You and I will embark in a quick session of heart-rate meditation, focusing on conscious breathing and opening the heart shakra.”


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